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AT06. Bonus – About Your Host

What’s Up Trendsetters!

This is a bonus episode of the Alumni Trending podcast and is a re-airing of an episode of the #OnTheStacks podcast hosted by Bill Corcoran Jr. Check out the #OnTheStacks podcast at www.onthestacks.com.

I was honored to be a guest on the May 13 episode of #OnTheStacks and I thought that this might be a good way to introduce myself to my Alumni Trending audience.

On this trend line you will hear about my professional and personal background, the Penn State Alumni Associations COVID-19 approach, and an amazing story about how the Penn State Alumni Association helped Bill propose to his wife.

Quick listening guide:
3:45 My career progression
5:53 My 90 days as a college football player
8:04 How I become my college mascot
9:14 What I love about my work: “No two days are the same.”
13:30 The Penn State Alumni Association’s approach to COVID-19 
14:56 Form Three Prides (Digital First, Class of 2020, Lifting Up Lions)
17:48 Using membership as the key for ALL alumni
21:53 Advice to the Class of 2020
23:51 Celebrating milestones
24:48 The power of technology
28:14 A great wedding proposal

Thanks for staying #OnTrend with the Alumni Trending podcast.