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AT05. Alumni Identity with Jay Dillon

What’s Up Trendsetters!

Our guest is Dr. Jay Le Roux Dillon, chief alumni strategist at the University of California – Berkeley and today’s trend line includes:

  • Alumni Identity,
  • Building a Community of Practice during COVID-19,
  • and his career in higher education advancement.

Here’s a quick listening guide:
At 4:30 – About me and careers in higher education
At 7:30 – My ultimate frustration with advancement work (hint: lack of research)
At 9:50 – What do music and fundraising have in common?
At 16:15 – What is the best thing alumni and alma mater can do for one another right now?
At 23:30 – My favorite alumni relations brainstorming exercise
At 29:30 – Identity making and the alumni experience
At 34:45 – Creating professional community without “gurus”
At 40:20 – How to test your own Alumni Identity

Dr. Jay Le Roux Dillon is a redhead, father of a redhead, social scientist, and executive director of alumni relations for the University of California, Berkeley. His research is focused on “Alumni Identity” – a new approach to identifying ideal alumni donors through the lens of social psychology and data science. He was previously director of alumni engagement at the University of San Francisco and executive director of alumni strategic initiatives at UCLA. Jay is dedicated to improving philanthropy in order to bring social justice and equity to education. He is the founder and principal of Alumni Identity Fundraising Consultants and holds a doctorate in organization and leadership from USF and a master’s and bachelor’s degree in music from UCLA.

A bit about Alumni Identity:
Your Alumni Identity is that quantifiable part of who you are – your own self-identity – that is related to your alma mater. It’s both a measure of engagement and a predictor of future philanthropy. You can test your own alumni identity in under two-minutes at https://score.alumniidentity.com

Website: https://alumniidentity.com

To test your own Alumni Identity: https://score.alumniidentity.com