Season One

AT41. Interview with Steven Mezzacappa, author of Passion With Purpose

On this episode of the podcast, I talk with Steven Mezzacappa, author of Passion With Purpose.  Our trend lines include:

  • go beyond living your passion…experience it ;
  • struggles with depression and removing mental health stigma; and 
  • understanding career and personal fulfillment. 

Special rate: Download his new book for .99 cents on Amazon


Steven Mezzacappa is a  graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where he received a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree with a concentration in Construction Management. It was during his five years at Penn State that the vision for Passion With Purpose was born.

Thoughts for such an organization came to Steve as early as his freshman year. Seeing a college culture engulfed by peer pressure, and the immense challenges of authenticity faced by his peers, Steve dreamed of an organization one day being on campus that would give students the tools and atmosphere to be authentic and pursue their passions despite the overwhelming obstacles to do so while in college. It is here where the motto for Passion With Purpose originates – Semper Authentica – Always Authentic. 

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