Season One

AT14. Lessons Learned: Virtual Events with Hilary Cohen

What’s Up Trendsetters!

Today, I talk with Hilary Cohen, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement at Rutgers University- – New Brunswick.
Today’s trend lines include:
– alumni engagement strategies,
– virtual events in response to COVID 19,
– trends in alumni engagement.

Quick Listen Guide
at 2:40 What do you love most about your work? The results…
at 3:30 Difference between corporate and higher education? BUDGET
at 4:52 Outcome driven event planning
at 8:25 COVID 19 and switch to virtual
at 10:26 Lessons Learned with virtual events
at 13:18 Strategic approach to events
at 15:06 Post-COVID 19 engagement
at 17:18 Fall plan without Rutgers Athletics
at 19:54 Navigating without a map
at 20:45 B1G Community of Practice
at 21:26 Re-org forced by COVID
at 23:54 Lightning Round: book recommendations, pizza and advice
at 28:15 Epic Engagement: Mosaic and the Who

Hilary started at Rutgers in December 2014 as the Senior Director for Events and Benefits for the Rutgers University Alumni Association, a title she held until July, when she became the Senior Director of Alumni Engagement – New Brunswick. Hilary came to Rutgers with 15 years of event planning experience, though Rutgers is her first foray into the higher education industry. Prior to Rutgers, Hilary worked at a variety of financial institutions, trade associations and founded her own event and meeting company. Hilary received her BA in English from Haverford College in Haverford, PA and earned her Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) in August 2014.

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