Season One

AT11. Unshackle Greatness with Kim Nyoni

What’s Up Trendsetters!

On this episode of the Alumni Trending podcast, I visit with Kim Nyoni, Associate Vice President for Development at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Kim Nyoni talks about and asks all of us to take the pledge and make a difference so that equity and inclusion can thrive in advancement.

Today’s trend lines include:
– the power of philanthropy,
– mentoring and team building,
– anti racism,
– and the pledge (AADO and Black Leaders in Advancement)

Quick Listening Guide
at 5:03 My Mission: Unshackle Greatness
at 8:17 Building Institutional and Professional Relationships
at 14:04 Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch Everyday
at 22:36 Black Leaders in Advancement
at 26:33 The Pledge Diversity and Inclusiveness in Advancement
at 28:00 How are we Sourcing Talent?
at 31:07 White Privilege and Institutional Racism
at 33:46 Unconscious Bias in Career Advancement
at 38:01 Coconspirators in Anti-Racism
at :43:04 Diversity in the Board Rooms
at 44:14 What’s Trending in Advancement

Kim Nyoni serves as an Associate Vice President for Development with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).  He is a seasoned fundraising executive with over fifteen years of experience in higher education. Kim has been with UNLV since 2017 and oversees fundraising teams that work to secure philanthropic gifts in support of UNLV’s strategic priorities in academics and athletics. Additionally, Kim is responsible for working closely with academic leaders to develop and execute fundraising initiatives.   

Kim started his career at the University of California Berkeley and served in key fundraising roles at Washington University, Utah State University, University of Arizona, and the University of Missouri. Kim joined UNLV from the University of Missouri, where he served in various leadership roles in university advancement.  

Kim is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a Master of Arts in Advertising and a Bachelor of Journalism in Broadcasting. He also attended the Institute of Education Management (IEM) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  He enjoys serving the Las Vegas community as a proud member of The Rotary Club of Las Vegas. Kim is an avid Nebraska Cornhusker, a Lifetime Member of the University of Nebraska Alumni Association and a proud Las Vegas Raiders fan.

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