Season One

AT09. Focus, Focus, Focus with Chris Marshall

What’s Up Trendsetters!

Our guest is alumni relations consultant and practitioner extraordinaire, Chris Marshall and today’s trend line includes:

  • Strategic Planning,
  • Engagement Metrics,
  • and managing a volunteer board

A quick episode guide:
at 1:46 Consulting in a COVID World
at 5:26 Coaching to Advancement Professional
at 10:25 Marshall on Strategic Planning: Focus, Focus, Focus
at 14:03 What business are we in?
at 18:25 Return on Engagement: measuring the impact of your alumni program
at 21:17 Augustinian wisdom: Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!
at 22:05 You vs Yesterday: Penn State’s R.I.P.S. metrics
at 24:36 Volunteer Management: “You get the board you deserve”
at 25:11 “A good board should have their noses in and their fingers out.”

Chris Marshall is a senior higher education advancement professional with 18 years of alumni relations and fundraising experience.

He spent twelve years leading alumni relations programs at two top ranked national research universities – Lehigh University (seven years) and Cornell University (five years).

Chris has five years of experience serving as an alumni relations consultant at one of the top philanthropic consulting practices in the United States – Grenzebach Glier and Associates (GG+A) where he served as Senior Vice President and Managing Director. While at GG+A, Chris led the Alumni Relations practice area and served as a consultant to over 100 clients around the world.

Most recently, Chris has served for two years as President of Graduway North America. Graduway is the world’s leading provider of alumni networking and career mentoring software. Trusted by 750+ educational institutions to engage alumni and provide career guidance to students. The vision of the company is rooted in the belief that the alumni network is at the heart of improving philanthropy, employability, and enrollment.

Chris has been highly successful in engaging the buy-in and support of key stakeholders in executing new initiatives with clients. He is a strategic planner, creative thinker, data-driven, and a consensus builder with a strong work ethic. He has proven success in guiding teams of all sizes in complex organizations.

A bit about CMAC:
CMAC is a full-service advancement consulting firm focused on the education sector. They bring extensive experience from our work with over 100 clients in higher education, independent schools, and non-profit organizations – see full client list. They specialize in alumni relations but offer consulting services in all advancement areas – see complete list of services.


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